Wainscoting is a traditional form of upgrading your home. It is generally used alongside chair rail molding as modern art detailing inside of your home. Wainscoting adds a stylishness and a piece of built in artwork to help add a unique design and style into your home, without over exacerbating your budget.


In the applications of wainscoting, large, wooden panels are installed on the bottom section of the wall, generally created to outline chair rail molding. The technique differs from home to home, and can be simple and elegant, to extravagant and hand carved to fit your individual decorating styles. Meet with one of our Vazquez craftsmen to discuss your wainscoting needs. Unsure if it is for you and your style? Simply ask, and we will help to give you ideas and information on this area of home improvement.


The options with wainscoting are endless. While traditionally it was used in the dining areas, today many homeowners use this as a way to create built in character to plain, faceless rooms, add simple elegance to all living spaces, and form detail and attention into target areas within the home.


Not just anyone can add wainscot to your home; Vazquez Custom Trim LLC is experienced and can appropriately bring your beautiful vision to life within your home.

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