Coffered Ceilings


Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are a exemplary beginning in making an architectural statement within your home. Most of the time, ceilings are flat and unused, making the living space feel plain and ordinary. Coffered ceilings are generally used to reduce noise traffic throughout the home. This is why many choose to use them in home theaters or libraries, offices and living spaces. They can make larger rooms feel more warm and cozy, while helping smaller rooms to feel more large and airy. By adding coffers, trays, domes, medallions and panel ceilings, this can help to create beautiful detail into your already beautiful home.


By adding room dimension, this can add great value to your home. When light colors and smaller panels are used, this adds space and room to your small space. When using dark colors and recessed paneling, your big room can feel smaller.


Tray ceilings are a rectangular constructed feature that can be turned upside down or recessed. This is usually common to use when featuring lighting fixtures or recessed lighting. Tray ceilings can be plain and simple, flashy and elaborate, or dramatic and daring. These types of ceilings are generally found in a dining area, living area, or hallway. Tray ceilings create a feeling of added space, and can make a lower ceiling appear high. Tray ceilings can also be inverted, creating an extra hanging level, other than being raised.

Panel ceilings are most commonly panels that are directly attached to the lower side of the ceiling. This provides a decorated finish to your already beautiful room. It is typically made from a substance called melamine, and formed from thermoplastic. This can help reduce the travelling of sound, as well as make the room warmer. A Vazquez craftsmen can help you to pick the best paneling to finish your chosen space, as there are several different types, patterns, and colors available.


Ceiling domes can act as a reflective dome around recessed lighting. This creates much more detail and a beautiful piece of artwork to your home. Domes are generally constructed when the home is being built, and can be created as a perfect place for a hanging chandelier. Most of the time, domes are created from wood or concrete that has been molded to fit the space. Instead of a chandelier, many modern day homeowners are choosing to replace their chandelier with pieces of artwork, or even skylighting.


Ceiling medallions are easily one of the most artistic, dramatic, and most exquisite ceiling contours. Medallions were used long ago, to create a feeling of character and set the tone for a particular space. Medallions are generally found in areas where people gather, such as dining rooms, ballrooms, and entry ways. They can hang from the ceiling directly, or be hung from chandeliers. They can be used as a simple piece of artwork to make the whole vibe of the room fit together beautifully.


Ceilings are one of the most underestimated spaces in your home. Let Vazquez Custom Trim LLC help you to beautifully design ceilings in your home that you have only dreamed about. Not only will your home have a new vibe and aura, you can raise the value of your already beautiful home.

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